We rest our case.

Election Day is almost here, and we believe we have told you what Guy refuses to tell you about his record. 

We have told it to you in a truthful manner. 

You have a choice to make this Tuesday, November 4th. 

Based on the evidence, there is no doubt that Guy is an extreme partisan Republican.  He has been for 28 years. He is trying to hide from it, because he doesn’t think he can win if he tells you the truth.  Personally, we can’t imagine changing who we are for anything; particularly while deceiving tens of thousands of people.  Guy is obviously ashamed of who he is and who he has worked for in the past, and if I were George Bush or Dick Cheney or Rick Santorum or Melissa Hart or the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, I’d be a little offended.

Guy wants to be your State Representative in the 157th District.  He wanted to be the State Representative in the 185th District as well.  He also wanted to represent the people in the 19th senatorial district. Amazing how Guy cares so passionately for the residents and communities of both South Philly and our community.  And in just a matter of years! We wonder if Guy is more interested in elected office, than he is in you?

We would like to tell you why you should vote for Paul Drucker.  But, this is a site about Guy.  So, we will leave you with this:  Paul Drucker is not a career politician.  He is doing this for one reason:  because he truly cares about this community where he has lived for almost 30 years, and because he enjoys helping people solve problems.  He has no further political aspirations.  He will listen to you, and work hard for you.

This race is now in your hands.

Thank you for listening.


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