…won’t acknowledge his past attempts to seek elected office?

If you listen to Guy on several occasions when he talks about why he decided to run in this race, you will hear him say things like this:

“I thought it was time to jump in.”

“I thought long and hard about being a candidate.”

He also likes to point to the recent Bonusgate and pay raise scandals as to the reasons he decided to run for office.

What Guy refuses to tell you is that his newly-born passion to run for office to reform Harrisburg is actually a part of his plan to gain elected office since at least 1992.

As we reported here, Guy first ran for the state house in 1992.  It was quite a nasty race, based on public fliers at the time.  He lost.

In 1995, Guy decided to move out to the suburbs.  The Republican voter-rich suburbs.

He wanted to run for State Senate in 2006, but didn’t get the nomination.

In 2008, he secured the Republican nomination to run for the State House in the 157th District.

That is the path Guy has taken to where he is today.  We thought voters should know, considering Guy will not tell you.

So, in reality, if Guy were to answer honestly about why he is running for the 157th, it would sound something like this:

“Well, I first ran for the state house in South Philly in 1992 where I was sued and admonished by a nonpartisan commission for my dirty campaigning, but I lost, then I moved to the suburbs, and tried to get the nomination to run for state senate but didn’t get it, and then I had to basically wrestle the nomination for this seat away from the person that Carole Rubley really wanted.”

Phew. It’s hard work telling you everything Guy will not tell you.

What Kind of Guy won’t acknowledge his past attempts to seek elected office?

The Wrong Guy.

Come back tomorrow for another installment of “What Kind of Guy…”


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