…takes credit for things he did not do?

Some of you voters out there may have gotten a postcard from Guy, about the Pennsylvania Turnpike, that stated:

“To protect the quality-of-life in our
neighborhoods, I supported sound
barriers as a Tredyffrin Township
Planning Commission member and as
a Township Supervisor.”

It seems the Great Valley Association (GVA) recalls it differently than Guy does.  In fact, it was Paul Drucker who supported sound barriers along the Pennsylvania Turnpike; support that earned him the respect of many members of the GVA.

In fact, the GVA chronicled it’s activity in trying to get sound barriers and distributed that document publicly.  We just happen to have a copy.  Paul Drucker is mentioned several times.  Guy is mentioned…uh, zero times.

Then we thought maybe Guy’s support for sound barriers was primarily when he was on the Planning Commission, before the GVA was keeping their records.  So we went to the township website to try to find any instance where Guy voiced support for sound barriers along the turnpike. They really have a great search function on there.  We found…nothing.

What Kind of Guy takes credit for things he did not do?

The Wrong Guy.

Come back tomorrow for another installment of “What Kind of Guy…”

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