…refuses to be honest with voters?

If you have read this week’s local newspaper, you’ll notice that Guy thinks we haven’t been clear enough about who he is.

Let’s review the facts:

1. Guy was paid a salary as an Executive Director to help re-elect George Bush and Dick Cheney in 2004. 

2. As a reward (even though he failed to hand Bush Pennsylvania, or his own township, for that matter), Guy was given his first presidential appointment to HUD, after which a huge scandal broke and our financial system collapsed under the weight of bad mortgages Guy worked every day to arrange. As soon as Guy was given the opportunity at HUD, he quit on the voters of Tredyffrin who elected him as a supervisor, even though he publicly stated he did not have to.

3. Guy has worked for years of his life to push for school vouchers, that would take funds away from our public schools.

4. Guy opposes a woman’s right to choose, in all cases, even if her life is in danger. He opposes any sort of family planning, even for married couples. Guy is endorsed by the Chester County Pro-Life Coalition, which is currently boycotting many companies, including CIGNA, a company Guy is certainly familiar with. In fact, Mr Pro-Business is part of a movement that boycotts too many companies for us to list, including pharmaceutical firms, banks, and many others.

5. Guy attacks his opponent for being an attorney, even though he is one; refuses to acknowledge his time or the cases he took on as a solo practitioner for two years from 2002 and 2004, and will find 1000 lawyers when he needs them.

6. Guy voted to raise taxes on people who work by a large percentage.

7. Guy allowed the continued employment of a man who was a convicted felon and ex-convict to manage the township’s finances; voted for him to have the ability to write checks with no oversight, and never took the time to consider that it might be a good idea to do some due diligence for the people he swore to serve.  The man eventually paid the taxes on his summer home with a $75,000 township check. Guy could have been tipped off during his run for Supervisor in 2003, when  Marrone’s bookkeeper, a township employee, Stephen Pandolfi, was sentenced to prison for embezzling $13,000 of township funds, after being arrested in 2002.  

8. Guy is an ardent supporter, friend, and former campaigner of Rick Santorum.

9. Guy has consistently changed his bio on his website, constantly trying to reinvent himself.  Most recently he has removed his association with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, where he was the Public and Political Affairs Director for 8 years. He refuses to acknowledge why that is.

10. Guy is and has been a partisan, political hack, accepting paid political jobs and political appointments one after the other, for years and years. He has been campaigning for 28 years. He will stop at nothing to find votes, even admitting to emailing churches to recruit their support.

Those are the facts. They seem clear to us.

We think the only problem here, is that Guy doesn’t want you to know them.

What Kind of Guy refuses to be honest with voters?

The Wrong Guy.

Come back tomorrow for another installment of “What Kind of Guy…”

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