…dishes it out but he can’t take it?

Guy Ciarrocchi has alerted the media that it is the political season, which means mail is being sent out and television ads are running.  Some of the ads are telling voters about things in Guy’s past he probably doesn’t want you to know. 

For example, two pieces of mail have landed in mailboxes referencing Harry Marrone, who embezzled $75,000 from Tredyffrin Township and served as the Finance Director for the township while Guy was serving on the Board of Supervisors.  Guy doesn’t want to own up to any responsibility for Marrone, because, as you can see for yourself, he wasn’t really responsible for anything. I mean, it’s not like he was a Branch Manager at McDonald’s or anything.

We disagree, considering that Guy himself voted to authorize township employees like Marrone to write checks on behalf of the township in the re-organizational meeting at the beginning of 2004.  In addition, maybe Guy didn’t read the Home Rule Charter which explained when he was sworn in to office in January of 2004, that Marrone immediately began serving at his discretion.

What is interesting to note in the Marrone article, is that the only way the Township figured out there was a problem with Marrone was when they were alerted to the fact by someone in New Jersey that Marrone had actually paid his real estate taxes on a home he owned in Avalon, NJ with a township check. A check Guy authorized Marrone to write.

There is also a piece of mail that outlines the 420 percent tax increase Guy Ciarrocchi supported for people who work in Tredyffrin.  Guy would like voters to view this tax as somehow different than all those other ‘bad taxes.’  Apparently taxes are only bad when other people support them, but when Guy votes for one he should be allowed some wiggle room.

It is surprising that someone who has seen hundreds of mailings and TV ads during his 20 years of campaign experience would have such thin skin.  It is even more surprising coming from someone who, in his first campaign for the state house, was actually sued and admonished for his despicable mud-slinging.

It seems Guy has no problem talking out of both sides of his mouth.  Because while he is crying on the shoulder of local reporters, he is happily spreading lies about Paul Drucker, in mailings and TV ads that contain blatantly misleading and distorted versions of the truth about Drucker’s past work.  (More on that tomorrow.)

So, look for Guy’s mock outrage this week in newspapers near you.

What Kind of Guy dishes it out but can’t take it?

The Wrong Guy.

Come back tomorrow for another installment of “What Kind of Guy…”

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