…can’t decide who he wants to be?

Who is Guy Ciarrocchi, anyway?

This is the time of year when voters begin to really look at candidates.  They want to know who to vote for, which is just what you would expect.   But if you are hoping to find out who Guy is, you better warm up Google.  Because the image Guy is trying to portray to voters in our community is nothing like the real Guy.  You see, Guy has a long history of working with and for politicians and organizations who are extremely unpopular these days.  Regardless of what voters think, it is wrong to try to hide years of work with them, particularly when your literature touts your “experience on both sides of the table.” But that is what is so Wrong about what Guy is doing.  His website is insulting to voters and to the Republican Party.  It has been carefully scrubbed to eliminate traces of his true experience.

So, who really is Guy Ciarrocchi?

Earlier this year, he was Spring Guy.

It’s now the fall, and maybe the campaign isn’t going as well as Guy planned.  So on his website right now, he is Fall Guy.

Really, we are stumped.

It’s difficult to understand how you could scrub eight years of working as the Public Affairs/Political Director for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia from your biography. 

We wonder why Guy would do that? 

Luckily for voters, this website is happy to deliver the truth about Guy.  Voters in this community want responsible leadership in Harrisburg.  They want someone they can trust.  They want someone who will fight for them every day, not lie, distort and mislead.

What Guy would show up to represent the voters of the 157th? The Wrong Guy. 

Come back tomorrow for another installment of “What Kind of Guy…”


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