…reinvents himself as he goes along?

Guy is, as far as we can count, on his third revision of his website.  We are all for updating campaign websites, with current news.  But Guy’s intention seems to be to conceal his true identity to voters.

We figured Guy would make himself over as time went on, so we made sure to take a snapshot of his first website.  Let’s focus on two of the ways Guy has “transformed himself”.

As you will note here, Guy makes a point to mention that he is a big fan of “faith based providers”.  Or, another term for it, “faith based initiatives”. You can read here about how George Bush created the White House’s first Office of Faith-Based & Community Initiatives.

If Guy is such a proponent of faith based initiatives, why is he no longer talking about it on his current website?

You will also note in that same link, Guy talking about public schools.  He sure gives a rousing declaration of support for our top-rated schools, calling them, uh, “good”.  He then puts the public school system on notice: improve, or else.

Or else, what, Guy?

What kind of Guy reinvents himself as he goes along?  The Wrong Guy.

Come back tomorrow for another installment of “What Kind of Guy…”


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