…thinks nothing of deceiving voters to win a campaign?

Many people mistakenly believe this is Guy’s first run for the State House.  But in fact, this is Guy’s second State House campaign.  In 1992, while living in South Philadelphia, Guy ran against Robert Donatucci in the 185th Legislative District. 

Guy so desperately wanted to win, he implied Donatucci was under federal investigation, when he was not.  Guy’s deception was so blatant, even a nonpartisan panel concluded he “overstepped his bounds”. Donatucci subsequently sued Guy for libel.


But Guy’s untruth about Donatucci being under investigation was just part of his overall strategy.  He didn’t want to talk about issues; he only wanted to attack.  Guy’s opponent summed up pretty well Guy’s campaign strategy from day one: “I hate to use the word lie because it’s not polite, but Guy is lying from the start.”


The race deteriorated, as Guy stopped at nothing to try to win.  Probably most telling is this excerpt from a Philadelphia Inquirer story about the race:


“I’m supposed to be the big, bad guy, but let me tell you something about him,” Donatucci said.

And so began his tale of video espionage and a low-speed car chase in South Philadelphia.

It started on the afternoon of July 30, Donatucci said, when his wife discovered two men – one with a video camera – videotaping his children as they stood on the porch of their Cleveland Street home. Donatucci said his wife confronted the men and they left.

Later that same day, he said, the men, who Donatucci said were driving a Volvo with New Jersey plates and an “Impeach Florio” sticker on its bumper, were spotted outside his family’s business, ACME Heating and Plumbing. One was making a video recording of Donatucci‘s car, which was parked in front of the business. An ACME employee confronted the men and they left. Donatucci said he had a hunch Ciarrocchi was behind these candid cameramen so he and an employee followed the pair and caught up with them at 19th Street and Washington Avenue, the location of Donatucci Kitchens. There, Donatucci said, he saw a second car and, in the back seat, Ciarrocchi, ”hiding, like a little kid.”

Ciarrocchi flatly denied that his video crew, which he said is producing campaign advertisements, took pictures of Donatucci‘s family. But he acknowledged taking pictures of the legislator’s car in front of the family business. He also acknowledged being in the back seat of one of two cars on the scene. He denied, in a huff, that he was hiding there.”


On Election Day, 1992, Guy failed in his bid to unseat Donatucci.

What kind of Guy thinks nothing of deceiving voters to win a campaign? The Wrong Guy.

Come back tomorrow for another installment of “What Kind of Guy…”


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