We rest our case.

Election Day is almost here, and we believe we have told you what Guy refuses to tell you about his record. 

We have told it to you in a truthful manner. 

You have a choice to make this Tuesday, November 4th. 

Based on the evidence, there is no doubt that Guy is an extreme partisan Republican.  He has been for 28 years. He is trying to hide from it, because he doesn’t think he can win if he tells you the truth.  Personally, we can’t imagine changing who we are for anything; particularly while deceiving tens of thousands of people.  Guy is obviously ashamed of who he is and who he has worked for in the past, and if I were George Bush or Dick Cheney or Rick Santorum or Melissa Hart or the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, I’d be a little offended.

Guy wants to be your State Representative in the 157th District.  He wanted to be the State Representative in the 185th District as well.  He also wanted to represent the people in the 19th senatorial district. Amazing how Guy cares so passionately for the residents and communities of both South Philly and our community.  And in just a matter of years! We wonder if Guy is more interested in elected office, than he is in you?

We would like to tell you why you should vote for Paul Drucker.  But, this is a site about Guy.  So, we will leave you with this:  Paul Drucker is not a career politician.  He is doing this for one reason:  because he truly cares about this community where he has lived for almost 30 years, and because he enjoys helping people solve problems.  He has no further political aspirations.  He will listen to you, and work hard for you.

This race is now in your hands.

Thank you for listening.


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…should be measured by the company he keeps?

One of us here had the chance to listen to Guy speak last night on the phone. Some of you may have gotten a call from Guy to participate in a “town hall meeting”.  There is no doubt that Guy talks a good game.  After all, he has been out trying to elect Republicans for 28 years.  He was the spokesman for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for 8 years. 

But something really struck us, and that was that Guy is adamant that he not be measured by the company he keeps.  Even his own wife!

We don’t know about you, but we tend to believe that you wouldn’t work hard to get certain people elected, unless you shared their values.  Particularly if you did it for 28 years.  This is what Guy had to say about his connection with Rick Santorum:

“I’m no more identical to Rick than I am to my wife!”


So what Guy expects the voters to believe is something to the effect of, opposites attract?  He hung out with Rick Santorum, campaigned for him, coordinated getting Bush re-elected with him, was called his “protégé” by Newsweek, let his home be Rick’s temporary residence in South Philly during his 1994 Senate run, because they are so…different?

Guy goes on:

“The fact that I worked for Jim Gerlach does not make me like Gerlach.  Same for Bush.”

We have to say, it must have been awful for Guy to work for, help elect, and hang out with all of these people that he now does not want to be associated with in any way!

The only person Guy has anything good to say about these days is Carole Rubley.  Guy, did you ever help elect or work for her?

That answer would be no.

There are so many people Guy doesn’t want you to know about in his past we can’t even keep track of them all.  Good thing other people are tracking down all of those people Guy has nothing in common with.

What Kind of Guy should be measured by the company he keeps?

Guy Ciarrocchi.

Come back tomorrow for another installment of “What Kind of Guy…”

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…is the guy we can’t trust in “this economy”?

Guy has a new piece of mail out about Paul’s work on the Board of The Bank of Philadelphia.  In it, he tells the voters that you can’t trust his opponent “in this economy”.  The Bush economy.  The very economy Guy helped to create.

We don’t have to defend Paul against these false claims. We have the former Bank of Philadelphia President to do it for us:

I would like to respond to some of the recent comments against Mr. Paul
Drucker, made by Mr. Guy Ciarrocchi, Mr. Drucker’s opponent for State
Representative.  Mr. Drucker was a founder of First Bank of Philadelphia
and was a member of the Bank’s Board of Director.  Yes, the Bank did
have financial troubles due to bad loans that were made.  But, Mr.
Drucker was a part of the solution to the problems that the Bank faced,
something that many bank directors could take a lesson from in the
current situation.

Mr. Drucker, in his role as a bank director, was directly involved in
removing the management of the bank that got the bank into trouble in
the first place. 

Mr. Drucker was also closely involved in bringing in a turnaround
specialist to resolve the situation. 

Mr. Drucker was closely involved in overseeing the plan to resolve the
issues the bank faced and the execution of that plan.

Mr. Drucker was closely involved in overseeing the search for new
capital to be brought into the bank and the successful negotiations to
bring in new capital.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that First Bank of Philadelphia was
the only one of the startup banks of the late 1980s that did not have to
be closed or forced into a merger!

To me, this is type of leadership that many of the financial
institutions within the current environment badly needed.  Yes, First
Bank of Philadelphia had problems, but it also had members of its Board
of Directors that were a part of the solution to those problems.  For
this Mr. Paul Drucker deserves our thanks…not the ignorant criticism
of some desperate politician.

John M. Mason
Former President of the First Bank of Philadelphia

What Kind of Guy is the guy we can’t trust in this economy?

Guy Ciarrocchi.

Come back tomorrow for another installment of “What Kind of Guy…”

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…won’t acknowledge his past attempts to seek elected office?

If you listen to Guy on several occasions when he talks about why he decided to run in this race, you will hear him say things like this:

“I thought it was time to jump in.”

“I thought long and hard about being a candidate.”

He also likes to point to the recent Bonusgate and pay raise scandals as to the reasons he decided to run for office.

What Guy refuses to tell you is that his newly-born passion to run for office to reform Harrisburg is actually a part of his plan to gain elected office since at least 1992.

As we reported here, Guy first ran for the state house in 1992.  It was quite a nasty race, based on public fliers at the time.  He lost.

In 1995, Guy decided to move out to the suburbs.  The Republican voter-rich suburbs.

He wanted to run for State Senate in 2006, but didn’t get the nomination.

In 2008, he secured the Republican nomination to run for the State House in the 157th District.

That is the path Guy has taken to where he is today.  We thought voters should know, considering Guy will not tell you.

So, in reality, if Guy were to answer honestly about why he is running for the 157th, it would sound something like this:

“Well, I first ran for the state house in South Philly in 1992 where I was sued and admonished by a nonpartisan commission for my dirty campaigning, but I lost, then I moved to the suburbs, and tried to get the nomination to run for state senate but didn’t get it, and then I had to basically wrestle the nomination for this seat away from the person that Carole Rubley really wanted.”

Phew. It’s hard work telling you everything Guy will not tell you.

What Kind of Guy won’t acknowledge his past attempts to seek elected office?

The Wrong Guy.

Come back tomorrow for another installment of “What Kind of Guy…”

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…has to mislead people about jobs in Pennsylvania so he can find something to talk about?

Guy can’t find an issue that he is on the right side of to talk about this year. That is because his view of government is deeply rooted in the failed policies of George Bush, Dick Cheney & Rick Santorum. 

So, he has now decided to present faulty and misleading information to voters in order to find something to talk about.

If you tune in to the Counter Point show on your local access channel this week you can hear Guy say in an interview that Pennsylvania is between 46th amd 49th in job creation in the country.  But as Guy continues to do over and over again, he is not telling you the truth.

Despite his need to frighten and mislead you, the truth about job creation is that Pennsylvania is currently ranked 15th in the country. Governor Rendell has been solving our state’s problems:

The Governor’s Action Team (GAT) has been hard at work ensuring that companies have the resources to expand their businesses here — creating or retaining jobs for Pennsylvanians. During the Rendell Administration, GAT performance was the highest it has ever been since GAT began collecting statistics in FY97/98. Compared to the previous administration (1998-2002), the number of GAT projects completed successfully in the Rendell Administration (2003 – 2007) has increased by 25 percent.

And Governor Rendell’s economic stimulus plan works. In December 2006, the number of employed Pennsylvanians reached an all-time high of 5,779,200-153,900 more than when Governor Rendell took office in 2003. In the last four years, Pennsylvania has jumped from 41st in the nation for job growth to 15th! Additionally, in 2005 the statewide unemployment rate dropped below 5 percent for the first time since 2001 and have continued to be below the national average.

So, it turns out Guy is lying to you, again. And his scare tactics aren’t needed either.

What is needed is to send more good Democrats like Paul Drucker to Harrisburg to work with Governor Rendell to get the state of Pennsylvania to number one!

What Kind of Guy has to mislead people about jobs in Pennsylvania so he can find something to talk about?

The Wrong Guy.

Come back tomorrow for another installment of “What Kind of Guy…”

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…doesn’t want to spend one dime on access to health care, even for uninsured children?

Not a dime.  Guy Ciarrocchi is completely opposed to any state funding for health care or insurance for anyone, even for children. 

He says so in his answer to the question below, from the Archdiocese’s Voter Guide.  (A guide he created.)

Q. What is your position on this statement: The
government should assume financial responsibility
for providing affordable, accessible health
care for the uninsured?
18. DiGirolamo-R: Support.
26. Hennessey-R: Support
29. Kirsch-D: Support
53. Godshall-R: Support.
61. Harper-R: Support
70. Moyer-R: Support
141. Melio-D: Support
145. Clymer-D: Neither.
150. Vereb-R: Support.
152. Murt-R: Support
157. Ciarrocchi-R: Oppose.
159. Deitman-R: Oppose
161. Hackett-R: Support.
164. Civera-R: Support
165. Adolph, Jr.-R: Neither.
168. Killion-R: Oppose
170. Boyle-D: Support
172. Costello-D: Support.
177. J. Taylor-R: Oppose.
178. Petri-R: Oppose.
O’Neill-I: Neither
195. Kernaghan-R: Support


It is really interesting to see what a hard line Guy takes on this compared to other candidates.

But, it is no surprise coming from a man who was paid to work hard to get his boss George Bush re-elected in Pennsylvania.  After all, Bush recently vetoed SCHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program), an act that horrified many:

Catholics Criticize Veto and Deliver Petition Supporting Children’s Health Care 

The United States Conference of Mayors today expressed shock and disbelief at President Bush’s refusal to sign $35 billion for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program known as SCHIP. With his action, 10 million children in America and their families will be denied insurance protection.

Further, Guy  coordinates his campaign with the John McCain campaign. John McCain had this to say about SCHIP:

Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, told CNN Wednesday he agrees with President Bush’s veto of legislation expanding a children’s health insurance program: “Right call by the president,” the Republican White House hopeful told CNN’s John King.

So, if Guy gets to the State House, he will OPPOSE programs like Pennsylvania ABC, which is a bill designed to provide affordable and accessible health care to those who need it.  A plan supported by Governor Rendell that makes sense for Pennsylvania.

What Kind of Guy doesn’t want to spend one dime on access to health care, even for uninsured children?

The Wrong Guy.

Come back tomorrow for another installment of “What Kind of Guy…”

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…just won’t say it – VOUCHERS.

The reason this site exists is because very few outlets, including Guy’s campaign, are telling you what Guy stands for.

Just like we did yesterday, let’s examine another one of Guy’s mail pieces. This time on education. This is what Guy has to say:

“As a parent raising three children, I can say without a doubt
that President Bush and the Pennsylvania Legislature got it
wrong with ‘No Child Left Behind’ and mandated statewide
standardized testing. I’ll do something different.”

Oh, he’ll do something different all right.

Guy, why won’t you just say it?

The mailing continues:

“He knows what we want
from our schools and will fight for it as State Representative.”

Really? Because that is not what we are hearing out there, Guy.  A majority of people do not want school vouchers in this district.

Perhaps that is why you won’t come out and say it? 

There is a debate on Sunday.  We think Guy should come clean on his obsessive support of school vouchers, so voters can make an educated choice. We also think Guy should talk about his association with the REACH Foundation.

What Kind of Guy just won’t say it – VOUCHERS?

The Wrong Guy.

Come back tomorrow for another installment of “What Kind of Guy…”

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…takes credit for things he did not do?

Some of you voters out there may have gotten a postcard from Guy, about the Pennsylvania Turnpike, that stated:

“To protect the quality-of-life in our
neighborhoods, I supported sound
barriers as a Tredyffrin Township
Planning Commission member and as
a Township Supervisor.”

It seems the Great Valley Association (GVA) recalls it differently than Guy does.  In fact, it was Paul Drucker who supported sound barriers along the Pennsylvania Turnpike; support that earned him the respect of many members of the GVA.

In fact, the GVA chronicled it’s activity in trying to get sound barriers and distributed that document publicly.  We just happen to have a copy.  Paul Drucker is mentioned several times.  Guy is mentioned…uh, zero times.

Then we thought maybe Guy’s support for sound barriers was primarily when he was on the Planning Commission, before the GVA was keeping their records.  So we went to the township website to try to find any instance where Guy voiced support for sound barriers along the turnpike. They really have a great search function on there.  We found…nothing.

What Kind of Guy takes credit for things he did not do?

The Wrong Guy.

Come back tomorrow for another installment of “What Kind of Guy…”

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…thinks ethics rules apply to everyone but him?

If you read The Phoenix newspaper yesterday, you would know that Senator Arlen Specter was in town recently, to talk about issues in Phoenixville.

What you won’t read in the story is the behind-the-scenes grab for an endorsement by the Ciarrocchi campaign, even though the Senator was here on official US Government business, driven in a US Government car, powered by US Government funded gas, all courtesy of your tax dollars.

For a man who talks a lot about reform, Guy sure tried hard to get Specter to break a few ethics rules.

We find it amusing that Guy should even ask for Specter’s endorsement. Considering in 1993, when Pat Toomey was running against Specter in the primary, Guy just couldn’t make up his mind between the two.

Of course, the Senator kept his visit to Phoenixville on an appropriate level.  When asked by a reporter if he had any thoughts about the 157th race, he appropriately responded that he was there on business and therefore would not comment. This despite the efforts of Guy and his campaign manager who assured someone by phone that Guy would “be endorsed” by the Senator that morning.

You know, for someone who talks about how he would end the scandals of Bonusgate in Harrisburg and who has been a Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill, Guy might want to brush up on his ethics rules.

For example, Guy might want to assure the voters of the 157th, that when he was busy getting all those petitions signed in January and February and kicking off his campaign, that he didn’t cross the line.  Guy, as many of you know, was the Chief of Staff for Jim Gerlach, a job you, the taxpayer, paid him for.  Handsomely:

Guy Ciarrocchi, Congressional Staffer – Salary Data  

Employing Office Start date End date Position Amount Notes
Jim Gerlach Pennsylvania-6th) 04/01/08 04/30/08  Chief of Staff $11,402.22  
Jim Gerlach Pennsylvania-6th) 01/03/08 03/31/08  Chief of Staff $35,861.11  
Jim Gerlach Pennsylvania-6th) 01/01/08 01/02/08  Chief of Staff $788.88  
Jim Gerlach Pennsylvania-6th) 10/01/07 12/31/07  Chief of Staff $35,499.99  
FY 2008 subtotal: $83,552.20  
Jim Gerlach Pennsylvania-6th) 07/01/07 09/30/07  Chief of Staff $35,499.99  
Jim Gerlach Pennsylvania-6th) 04/01/07 06/30/07  Chief of Staff $35,499.99  
Jim Gerlach Pennsylvania-6th) 01/03/07 03/31/07  Chief of Staff $34,711.10  
FY 2007 subtotal: $105,711.08  


$140,000 taxpayer dollars a year.  Not too shabby.  And getting that paycheck in January, February, March and April must have been nice, even as he was busy gathering such an impressive number of petition signatures and engaging in other campaign activities.  

We think it is incumbent upon Guy to reassure the voters that he did not engage in any campaign related activity while he was being paid by the taxpayers of this state during business hours.  That would mean that up until the day he resigned, he did not attend any campaign events, knock on any doors, make any phone calls, nor did he use a state-issued cell phone or computer or gas paid for by the taxpayers to drive him anywhere, for any campaign related activities during regular hours.

Let’s examine an email to his supporters from Guy Ciarrocchi, the Congressional Chief of Staff, being paid $140,000 taxpayer dollars a year, from February of this year, before he took his leave of absence.   As you can see, he had a fundraiser in Harrisburg, and on this day – a Thursday (isn’t the US Government open on Thursdays?) – he is heading to D.C. for another fundraiser.  We wonder what time of day that event was happening?  (And we are glad that he is willing to fit a few events in for the “constituents to attend” – haha).   We sure hope he managed to get some of the taxpayer’s business done on the train in between campaign events:

—– Original Message —–
From: Guy Ciarrocchi
To: Guy Ciarrocchi
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2008 7:44 AM
Subject: With 250 days til Eday…

Good Morning.

Greetings from Amtrak’s train to DC.
So far, its been a great week. 

I had a great fundraiser in Harrisburg on Tuesday hosted by old friends.  Today, I’m off to DC for another event hosted by friends and former colleagues. 

(We are planning to have a few more before the primary–event’s that will be easier for constituents to attend–haha.)

There are 250 days til the election.   With your help, we’ve accomplished a great deal.  Thank you. 

Whether you have given me advice about the campaign or a local organization, circulated a petition or made a donation, you have helped me.   Thank you.

With 250 days to go, we will have to make a number of decisions, build our team, expand our coalitions and work hard.  While there are many tactics, slogans and issues to consider, it all comes down to this:

If we work harder and smarter, if we explain my record and message (a call to make government responsive and responsible–and a lifetime of experience doing that),  if we raise enough money to deliver that message by TV, mail and phone, we will win. 

In short this is our plan; raise money, work hard, meet voters.

We have to build a campaign that will reach out to a majority of voters, and then get them to the polls on election day. 

To help us do that, I am pleased to let you know that Kristen Kirk Mayock–whom many of you know from her work with candidates, elected officials and our party–has agreed to help on a part-time basis as our campaign coordinator.  (A full-time manager will follow.)

Like many of you, Kristen will help with everything.  But, her primary focus will be to “help keep the trains running on time.”   And, she will especially focus on helping me to reach-out to voters + community leaders: set-up meetings, coffee-klatches and prepare for door to doors.

Here is her contact information.  You may also reach her at Chester County GOP Hqs, where she will be a few days a week.
Kristen Kirk Mayock

Welcome Kristen. 

Our next big task will be to set-up the public campaign kick-off.  We hope to be able to announce the date, time + location by early next week. 

Again, thanks very much for all you are doing. 



We’re sure, considering Guy is so interested in reforming Harrisburg, that he kept scrupulous records, such as, if he paid for his train ticket with taxpayer dollars he calculated the percentage of his day he spent at a fundraiser for his own campaign and reimbursed us appropriately. 

We’d love to hear from Guy about those records.  Also, we assume we can contact the House Ethics Committee and be sure that they received the appropriate assurances that you would not mix business with politics?

What Kind of Guy thinks ethics rules apply to everyone but him?

The Wrong Guy.

Come back tomorrow for another installment of “What Kind of Guy…”

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…is endorsed by extreme groups who divide us?

As a follow up to our discussion on Who Guy Is yesterday, we’d like to expand a little bit about an organization that endorses Guy, the Chester County Pro-Life Coalition.  Guy’s name is on their website as an endorsed candidate, and to our knowledge he has not asked them to remove it. 

First of all, this discussion is not about a pro-life stance.  In fact, as Senator Casey is a perfect example of, Democrats will embrace and elect pro-life candidates. 

This discussion is about the Chester County Pro-Life Coalition and Guy’s association with it.

The Chester County Pro-Life Coalition is an extreme organization that divides us. 

For example, the Chester County Pro-Life Coalition believes that women who take birth control pills are regularly practicing abortion.  They support this in a study on their site called “Infant Homicides Through Contraception”. 

The Chester County Pro-Life Coalition boycotts the Susan G Komen Race for a Cure, which raises millions of dollars for breast cancer research, and the American Cancer Society.

The Chester County Pro-Life Coalition boycotts so many businesses and organizations we can’t list them all.  Some past and present include WaWa, Comcast, Bank of America, Whole Foods Market, Nationwide Insurance, GlaxoSmithKline, Girl Scouts, Kiwanis Club, Sierra Club, MS Society, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Alzheimer’s Association, Audubon Society, eBay, and, Walt Disney.

We assume, since Guy has not asked for his name to be removed from the Coalition’s site, that he boycotts all of these businesses and organizations as well.  However, didn’t we notice Guy and his family at Disney on one of his mailings?

What Kind of Guy is endorsed by extreme groups who divide us?

The Wrong Guy.

Come back tomorrow for another installment of “What Kind of Guy…”

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